August 29

Finally departing Perth!

After planning to return to Amritsar on 10th August, then changing it to the 17th August, then to the 22nd, all due to checking Amritsar weather and seeing it was STILL in the 40s and not being able to mentally bare that heat again with the power cuts & bad cooling systems, also I had a few chat’s to Happy’s brother on the phone who kept saying “Stephie, Amritsar VERY VERY HOT, VERY! You will not like”, Happy’s response to me constantly changing my ticket date was this frown !! ha ha 


I managed to end up attending a few more birthdays which was great… Jess’s birthday breakfast first

IMG_2290 IMG_2300


Then Emma & Anna’s birthday at Bollywood restaurant!


and my Aunty Heli’s birthday too, I was so organised I had even written her birthday card out in advance thinking I wouldn’t be here for it!


and went for a ride to Mandurah in Jonathon’s mustang!!! Even pulled over half way when we realised my door was open LOL


A few weeks ago it was Rakhri which is brothers & sisters day, Happy’s family celebrated it in their house with over 40 family members sleeping the night, the girls gave their brothers/cousins bracelets and the brothers gave their sisters/cousins money & gifts, then they had dinner & a party at home and there was a small festival held in their village.

IMG_2340 IMG_2353 IMG_2358

Finally I had done everything I wanted to do and was on the countdown to leaving on the 22nd August when suddenly I had excruciating abdominal pain twice in one week, the third time being the worst when it didn’t stop and I ended up in Murdoch Hospital emergency fainting & vomiting, not being able to even speak I was in so much pain. They knocked me out with some morphine and did an ultra sound to find out I had stones in my gall bladder! I stayed over night for observation and the next morning I had no more pain, at lunch time the surgeon came along and said to me you need to remove your gall bladder it will happen again if the stones are there, I can do it in half an hour, I have patients this afternoon!  I said what!!!!!your doing what!!!!!!    I was still in shock, I had 5 minutes to make a decision, he said I would be able to travel 2 weeks later which meant having to change my flight AGAIN!  or  I could come and see him later and book it in further down the track, which was not an option with a wedding 4 weeks away!

I said yes go ahead and do it, I don’t want to go through that ever again and especially not in India!! He said ok your on my surgery list for today then and he left. I was so lucky to be able to get it done so quickly.

5 minutes later I was being prepared for surgery! Mum & I frantically trying to text Happy & family to tell them I was having surgery all of a sudden, then they wheeled me away minutes later and mum was still yelling out responses to messages to me, I yelled back don’t read my messages!! haha

Happy was so worried & shocked about what had just happened over the last 24 hours! but everyone kept him up to date with what was happening. That afternoon I was back in the hospital room, one organ less and feeling tired and a bit sore.


The next day I called Happy thinking it would take less energy than texting, as I kept sending everyone strange messages as I would fall asleep mid way through writing them! As soon as he answered he asked if I was ok then said “EVERYONE WANTS TO TALK” I thought OH NO  I don’t have the energy could I pretend to hang up or is that rude, but no I stayed on the line and proceeded to talk to every one of his family members telling them I was OK and still alive and still promise to come back eventually!!  I was worried one of the nurses would walk in and catch me out speaking mixed English & Punjabi! haha. His mum was very worried and ended up in tears and I was so tired & emotionally drained I cried too!

After an MRI and lots of blood tests, I was allowed to go home, and had a week of bed rest and I was back up and about and feeling like nothing had happened, and so relieved that I never have to worry about it again!  Mum was loving the fact that yet again I had another delay and would be sticking around a few days longer than planned!


News from Amritsar yesterday was that a baby cow was born, and I plan to name it when I arrive back! 🙂


Finally got to say a sad goodbye to my friends once and for all, the same way we started – Mexican at Pancho’s and lots of laughs!!


So tomorrow I finally fly back to Amritsar, hopefully to what is getting to the end of summer there, and to start getting ready for our wedding which is now only 3 weeks away! So exciting!!! We have also apparently moved to a different apartment in a suburb called “Holy City” very close to Ranjit Avenue where we were before, but a nicer newer apartment WITH air con, AND a SHOWER & a bit more space, Happy did good!!  I am told the owner who lives downstairs is an English teacher so I may check if she can teach me some Punjabi while I am there! Happy’s cousin Shubh was more excited by the fact that she may tutor students at home that may be similar age to him and if he comes to our house regularly enough he might find a girlfriend out of it! hahaha

My case is absolutely full to the brim and busting at the seams!! I need to depart so that I can stop doing so much shopping!

Thanks so much to everyone for the very thoughtful wedding gifts & wedding cards I have received, we really appreciate it and it will be so nice to have some cards & things to open together on our wedding day from Australia! 🙂

23 days until the wedding and 20 days until my family & friends arrive in Amritsar! Then we are off on our honeymoon in October to Delhi, Varanasi, Goa & Mumbai!

Chenga! (Cya) xx