August 08

Perth shenanigans

Whilst hating summer in Punjab I realised I would be missing a few events in Perth over winter and was not too happy about it! Happy and his Dad said if you want to go back for a while then go you are not stuck here!!  I thought yes why not! I called Natasha and said can you pick me up at 2am and hide me and take me to surprise my family at a party!? she said When and where I am getting in the car now!  So off I went and arrived in Perth on 30th May in time to surprise my brother in law and the entire family at his 40th birthday party!!!  I had been chatting on text to them that day (at the airport lay overs) and so they had no idea I was on my way and just stood screaming staring at me for about 10 minutes! I gave them all a pair of Punjabi Jutti shoes each!


I also managed to surprise some of my friends a few days later when they were meeting up at San Churros and I just walked in and sat down they all looked up in shock!! We had churros then headed over to have Mexican – reverse dinner!!



It was so much fun and so nice to see my family and friends and have full English conversations and rude jokes again!!


IMG_0252 IMG_0015

My sister and aunty had fun trying on my Punjabi suits one night and I have taken all their measurements to get outfits made for them to wear to our wedding in September!


One of the main reasons I came back was for the 3rd of July, the one year anniversary of my Dad passing away, we all went to Fremantle cemetery to bury Dad’s ashes next to my grandparents, I am so glad I was back for it to spend the day with my family, I will never stop missing him and wondering why he had to leave us so soon. I think about him daily and am heartbroken that he won’t be at our wedding, but I am sure he will be in spirit.


It has been so much fun cooking again, whatever I like, and shopping at woolworths – so many aisles and buying any ingredient I want!! All these things I no longer take for granted! I bought a block of cheese straight away and have been through A LOT of chocolate! Natasha opened my top drawer at work one day to get some scissors and stumbled across two blocks of half eaten chocolate! woops!! making up for lost time. I had lost quite a lot of weight before I came back – I think from the heat and not feeling hungry because it was so hot, I have certainly put it back on – I said to mum ive put on 5kg! She said “oh great that means I have too” haha

 I haven’t eaten bacon & eggs in months and came across bacon & egg brioche at Wild Bakery in South Freo – so yum!!


I am receiving photos daily of what they are all up to back in Punjab, I am not missing the heat that is for sure but I am missing Happy & his family so much but we chat on the phone every night before I go to bed, they love seeing photos of what I have been up to here, I am sure they think I am at nightclubs daily. Jaskaran bought a new tractor so I received hundreds of photos of the tractor in all different locations, and promises that he will take my whole family on it when they arrive! The buffalo’s have also had a bath !

IMG_9880 IMG_0817

They have also been swimming because the heat has been so bad 45+, they sent me photos of them swimming in the buffalo’s water tank !!! 


They had a day where they did ‘sewa’ (Sikh’s often do volunteer services to the community) serving cold water to people passing their house from their village.


Happy’s family also went on a 3 day tour visiting lots of temples around Amritsar, I have no idea how they did it, 40 people in a trailer on the back of the tractor travelling around in 40+ heat for 3 days, sleeping at temples, but I guess they don’t know any different, glad I missed out on that one!!



My family organised a kitchen tea for me, we made it a high tea and Kath decorated the table, it all looked so beautiful! It was for my aunties & family friends who were not able to come to the wedding, we used all my Nan’s tea cups, it was so much fun! Pip even made me a cake in the shape of an indian wedding dress!

IMG_0751 IMG_0772IMG_0740IMG_0758

Managed to get some casual admin work while I was back at two companies which was great to get some pocket money in!!  Lots of fun times at West Coast finance with Natasha up to mischief and many lunches and laughs with the guys over morning tea!

IMG_9791 IMG_1051

IMG_1145 IMG_1146

Tash & I had MANY lunches at Tao in Vic park….


I have been loving eating all my favourite things again and going out for lunches and breakfasts with mum on the weekends, in Amritsar there are not many cafe’s (maybe none at all!?) we are definitely very lucky here with the options of places to eat and hang out at ! At nearly every café we go to mum forgets to use the tea strainer or overflows it and pours the tea AND leaves into her tea cup then just looses it laughing!



Wednesday night ‘girls night’ I had missed while I was away too – dinner with my sisters, mum & aunty, so many laughs every week and then all watching Offspring my favourite show!


I went to visit Happy’s friends one night and they made a fire and we sat outside in the cold haha they even cooked dinner ON the fire and I told them all the stories about Happy’s family and they thought it was hilarious, especially the immitations! I have tried to visit as many people as I can while I have been back but it has been hard to fit everything in!


Also managed to talk my friends into going clubbing because I had been DYING to go to a nightclub!!!! Was so much fun! I sent all the cousins in Amritsar video’s of inside the nightclub (No nightclubs in Amritsar) and they were so jealous ha ha ha! One of them even said “bhabi what are you wearing, so funny we have never seen your legs before!” LOL



Kath & Natasha organised me the most amazing Hen’s night, it was the best night ever!! We had drinks, nibbles & a few games at mums house then went on a party bus to Midnight fox and then back on the bus to end up in Northbridge at Mint nightclub!  Thank you so much to both of them for all the organisation and detail that went into it, hope everyone had as much fun as I did (maybe a little too much as I still don’t remember going home!). I even made jelly shots for everyone before we got on the party bus, which were absolutely HORRID, won’t make those again!  The Hen’s night was a red bling theme everyone looked great! We had some props flying around the bus, the funniest photos were with the bad wig ha ha, I was loving my giant red glasses!  Even mum loved the nightclub at the end and told me she “could have stayed all night if they didn’t make me go home” !

IMG_2228 IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2125 IMG_2156 IMG_2115 IMG_1915 IMG_2083 IMG_2104 IMG_1879 IMG_2009

I have had so much fun over the past few months hanging out with my friends and my family again and lots of long chats & laughter , but am now ready to go back to Amritsar and organise the rest of the wedding. It has been great being back to organise a few things for the wedding and put some info together for everyone travelling over for the wedding, spent a lot of time on pinterest getting ideas and also planned and booked our whole honeymoon!

Can’t wait to go wedding dress shopping and to see Happy and his family again, I have missed them all so much!!