May 26

Bits & Bobs

Normal day to day life going on here… Summer is SO HOT I do not know how I have even survived the last 6 weeks without aircon, or how Happy has put up with my constant daily complaints since summer began, I don’t know how he does it, in one ear out the other I guess!!

There is not much to do here in summer, the power goes on and off which means the cooler fan and tv are not always on and it’s generally too hot to go outside for long periods of time plus there is thick dust flying through the streets so we only have one or two outings per day.

We have daily visitors (family), which is nice when you are in a city with no friends! They come most days in different combinations, daddy brings mummy to the doctor and we either go with them or they drop in for tea and a nap or Sonu & pinky drop in when they pick up Shehnoor from school, Jaskaran drops by every few days and Shubh comes for breakfast some days, Soman mainly comes at night for drinks!

On the days we don’t see them we usually go to Happy’s parents house for dinner (2-3 nights a week) which is a lot more than what I am used to back in Perth!!! Haha

Shehnoor goes to Holy Heart Presidency School in the city near our house and does English classes there and some days writes me letters, so cute!!!



Mummy having a nap at our house…


It’s fun at the Chhina’s house in Jhanjoti because it is the only time we are all together in one place and it’s the only place we see Saaba as he is always busy working on the farm.

The kids don’t go to bed until 9pm and we all sit in one room chatting, they are screaming and laughing, 5 conversations going on at once and when it’s like that, it does remind me of home!!!!







Sometimes if the kids or Sonu are sleeping we still sit in the same room as them all laughing chatting and eating dinner, lights on and everything and they don’t even wake up!!!



Happy’s Dad is funny he talks non stop telling all kinds of stories, most I can’t understand but his laugh still makes me giggle at the end!! One day he came for tea at our house early in the morning and we were still in bed and there was a knock at the door!! I thought it was the cleaner (yes we have a cleaner haha ) and I opened the door, in my “night suit”, hair 1m above my head and it was Daddy “Sat Sri kal beta” and a giggle at my outfit then in he came and sat on the bed like it was just normal!!! I made tea we had a chat then he said he had a few people to meet and was on his way, I was on the balcony waving goodbye and he was strolling down the road and I couldn’t see the car and thought oh maybe he got the bus in today, he does that sometimes. I said to Happy “why is he looking at that tractor?”, Happy said “because that’s our tractor!!” Like I was an idiot! Ummmm what !!!! He drove the tractor all the way into the city over the bypass hahahha!! Classic! I was in fits of giggles when all of a sudden, he jumps into the tractor with a massive trailer (they call them trolleys here) attached and off he drove down out street waving like it was normal !!!!!



This is a man in our street selling home wares on bicycle !


Last week when his mummy & daddy where over I asked them why we hadn’t had a birthday party for Jap’s 2nd birthday? And they said when was it??? I said last Friday!!! Happy says “why didn’t you tell us???” Ummmm HELLO pretty sure they are your family!!! We all laughed and his Dad said we don’t even know what date we were born let alone remember anyone else’s!! We then went with his Dad to one street filled with 100s of bike shops all in a row and Happy chose a new bike for Jap for her birthday, he told his parents not to say anything and we would bring it that night as a suprise.
We arrived at their house and we brought the bike, a birthday cake, candles and party hats & everyone was so excited and the kids kept clapping and jumping up and down haha!! Jap absolutely loved her new bike, I thought it may have been a bit big but Shehnoor helped her pushing her around the house on it and she soon got going!












Soman comes over one night a week and either brings a few friends for drinks or we get Shubh & Jaskaran to come on the same night, Happy drags the tv out into the balcony to play music and we used the box from the cooler as a table. They always buy the same 2 bottles of whisky and 4 bags of chicken tikka!! As everyone knows I love a party!!! I even turn on the disco light.








Jaskaran decided he wanted to go to the Golden Temple for 4 Sundays leading up to the rice seeding season to bathe in the holy water. As we live close by he comes to our house every Saturday night then we get up at 4am and off we go (at this time the line to the temple is 1 hour instead of 3-4 hours long!) it is packed at all times 24 hours a day! I prefer to go at night time when all the lights are on! But it is just as beautiful in the day. I managed to get up the first week and go with them but the last 3 weeks I bailed and they went off and I enjoyed having a full bed to myself for a few hours!!







When they come back we have Kulcha for breakfast and then Jaskaran goes home…

One day a few weeks ago Jaskaran brought Didi and his sister Palvi to the city to visit us and Soman&Shubh were still over from the night before and so we ended up having a huge Kulcha feast on the bed!!



Later that day Didi & I went to the Shimla market as she wanted to buy some new summer suits, we were wondering around and I wasn’t feeling great and thought I had eaten too much, then as she is buying a few things I came out into the alleyway and vomited, about 100 people were staring at me even more than usual, AWKWARD! Felt fine after that and we continued shopping!!

That night we went to the farm with Jaskaran Didi, Palvi, Shubh and planned to go to see the Mehndiana Temple and Nanaksar Temple the next day. I had been asking Jaskaran if we could go for weeks, I had been reading about the 10 Guru’s in a book and they have interesting stories (the things you do to pass time!!) and I told Happy these two temples have special Tributes to the Guru’s in them (Happy then said I was stalking the Guru’s!!!) anyway everything is SLOW in India and jaskaran kept saying we will go after this after that, finally he decided we would go at 8am. I thought yeah right no one leaves home before lunch here!!!
We got up the next morning and all got ready had 2 cups of tea each and roti’s and left the house at 11am (I was right). I thought it was just the 3 of us going but there’s no show without punch and the whole family packed into the car!!!

We drove 4 hours to Nanaksar to the first temple, it had a big holy tank at the front and all different sections to visit around the outside. Didi bathed in the holy water while I stalked the peacocks taking their photos!! We had lunch (Langar) – free community meal in the temple.







We got back in the car and were on our way to Mehndiana (by the way we had 6 people in a small sedan, 4 on the back seat – Indian style – NOT COMFORTABLE and HOT !) and Jaskaran stopped to get directions, I put down my window and yelled out “GET CHIPS AND COKE” he said what?? And I said two more times “CHIPS & COKE!! ” everyone was laughing, he came back to the car empty handed and opened the door and I leaned forward and shuvved him back out and said where’s my chips & coke??? And he laughed again!! Not funny go get it hahahhaa!!! Happy said to him “you are useless!!!!!!” Then Happy got out and went with him to buy snacks, Didi puts down her window and yells out that she wants a lemon soft drink then Shubh yells out that he wants spicy chips!! Jaskaran was looking back and forth like a lost sheep, Happy came along bought all our favourites and got back in the car! Well trained I thought!!!!

Mehndiana Temple was beautiful the outside covered in coloured tiles…





Whenever we go to temples they take a handful of the Holy water and drink it and bathe in it and put it on their feet hands faces and heads, and say that it brings you good luck but I can’t bring myself to drink it I am too scared about getting sick so I always take a handful and just put it on my hands & feet, no one ever says anything. They are happy that I respect their religion and come along with them, they never force me to change or do anything they are doing…

Outside the temple there were heaps of statues telling the stories of the 10 Guru’s and they were horrific!!!






Outside the temple there was a small market and I bought my nieces some more bangles! We had Kulfi & Gol gape and then set off for our long drive back home, we drove 10 hours in total that day!!! Exhausting! We have tried to travel around as much as we can but everything just takes so long to get to!!



Happy is still in love with his motorbike and got a new fancy head light the other day…

Jaskaran asked me when we were at the farm if I wanted him to teach me how to drive a scooter and raved about how easy it was! I accepted the challenge and Happy said I was allowed to drive down one street with him on the back and told me what to do, for the first 20 seconds I was going well then he told me to slow down and come to a stop and I couldn’t remember how to do that then lost ballance and let go!! We both flew off into the wheat on the side of the road I was in fits of giggles then started crying then realised my toe really hurt and layed back in the wheat with my arms out. Happy said to me “your not dying get up!!” And I got up and we both laughed at the scratches on all my hands and feet and legs, someone nearby had seen us and called Jaskaran who came flying round the corner on Happys bike to see what had happened then proceeded to tell me off !!! Hahaha typical man tells you off when you hurt yourself!!!

From that moment onwards I decided the scooter is not for me!!

That night at Happy’s parents house for dinner they covered my head to toe in detol!!!

Happy & I went with Jaskaran to Alpha One Mall to see the new big hit movie here called JATT James Bond, it was 3 hours long and completely in Punjabi no subtitles!! But I still enjoyed it and was surprised that the cinema was actually nicer than Perth cinemas, half the price and much cleaner with all seats reclining and comfy!!



Last but not least! Happy & I will be getting married this September in Amritsar with close family & friends, we decided to have a small wedding so we can enjoy it all together as a group, the bigger weddings here are just a bit over the top for me! Having said that I am still requesting fireworks, lights and dancers!! Hahaha


That’s it for now from the sauna that is currently Punjab!! Over & Out xx