May 05


Summer has begun in Amritsar and it is HELL ON EARTH! It has been 42 daily for the past 3 weeks and to make it worse we spent a few days at the farm which included heat, flies, Mosquitos, thick dust from wheat being cut and that’s about it! I actually was going insane and wondering how the hell I would survive the next few months of the heat when no one has aircon, just fans that blow hot air around and when the power goes on and off we don’t even have fans!!!! Needless to say I started feeling homesick and being a grump!

Then Happy’s Dad called and said have the car for the week we are busy cutting wheat and won’t be using it for a while, so we picked it up and decided to head to Dalhousie in the mountains! It took about 4 hours to drive there and the views along the way were amazing!!! We also spotted lots of monkeys, goats, cows & buffalos along the way!


When we arrived in Dalhousie I felt like we were in heaven!! It was so beautiful so high up and views of snow capped mountains from everywhere.
We had tandoori chicken for lunch and this was the view from the restaurant


And the view from our hotel room window

We went to the markets in the town which were ok but couldn’t find much to buy then drove down to a waterfall and that night got take away and had drinks with the best view ever!!! It was such nice weather, cold but didn’t need a jumper.

We drove out to Kalatop and Dainkund mountains and climbed to the top to have our photos taken, the views were just amazing, the photos don’t really do it justice. On Kalatop there was a man sat with a basket of bunny rabbits and you could have your photo taken with a rabbit, this absolutely made my day as everyone knows I love rabbits!!!!

While taking 100s of photos on all different devices I sneezed standing on a rock and nearly rolled down the mountain!! I have some kind of clumsy accident on a daily basis!! I was also wearing thongs which was a ridiculous choice for climbing a mountain in!! Haha

On the drive back down we saw lots of snow along the sides of the road

Happy told me to stand on-top of the snow so he could take my photo then suddenly one of my feet just sunk into the snow up to my ankle and he had to pull me back out!! We were in fits of laughter!!

Happy then made me take photos of him posing with his religious scarf & sword on the car !!

We headed to a place called Kajjar about 40 mins drive away, it was quite far down in a valley and had a big open park surrounded by trees, they had lots of activities to do there. We had lunch at the punjabi restaurant there – Lemon chicken, dhal Makani and naan and the food was SO YUM and breathtaking views from the balcony where we sat

Then we went horse riding sooo much fun and we had our photos taken by a photographer and it was only $10, he walked with us the entire horse ride and then he printed them in 5mins!!

There was a man selling fruit in the middle of the park “mixed fruit chat”, I thought oh that might be nice, got it and realised it was covered in chilli salt and pepper, I nearly choked on a piece of watermelon it was so spicy!! FAIL!! Happy devoured it as usual hahaha






We then went in the zorbing balls rolling down the hill, I don’t usually like things like that but I knew Happy really wanted to do it, we both got strapped inside the same ball and they rolled us down and it was so much fun, I was screaming crying and wetting myself laughing all at once and happy thought I was insane and kept saying stop screaming !!!! Hahaha I lost all control !!!! When we got out my hair looked like I had been pulled through a bush backwards so I fixed it up before they took our photo!!


We also went to the Tibetan Market in Dalhousie town one night which was great we bought some summer clothes and key rings, bracelets, I bought some loose cotton pants (you can’t wear shorts here in summer !!) and happy got some tshirts & shorts for himself & Jaskaran. I got his family all a small gift each to take back with us.


Pic of Dalhousie town centre




We also went to Chameera Lake which was so far away took an hour or more to get there to find there was nothing there except a jetty to go speed boating, all around town there had been boards with pics of the place but it was definitely false advertising! The speed boating was great fun tho and we had maggi noodles for lunch there (maggi is HUGE here everyone eats it daily – it’s called maggi masala and is in the same 2 min noodles packet, you can buy it at any street food places for 20c and buy mega packs of them at all shops and deli’s).









On the drive back home we saw this ute driving along with around 40 people STANDING UP inside it, so funny! Only in India! They caught me taking their pic too, it reminded me of the day at work when we were talking about the “standing area” at the football!


So we have now returned from
Heaven back to the sauna that is Amritsar, however Happy’s dad bought us a cooler so at least we now have some relief at last and it’s bearable! His family are so supportive towards us on a daily basis, nothing is ever too much for them. I always wondered why in Perth Happy never really complains about anything and not much ever bothers him, but they are all the same!

Over and out x

Ps I was devo to miss out on hot cross buns this year!! I spent days googling how to make them in a microwave then decided I needed to just let it go. I don’t even like fruit in bread, it’s weird the things you crave when you can’t have it!!!