March 21

Holi Festival & The Golden Temple

Leading up to Holi festival the streets have been filled with kids throwing water bombs at each other and kids on all the rooves flying kites.

We went to the Golden Temple with Amarjit & Heather who had come to Amritsar for the day and it was sooooo busy packed with people everywhere!!!  It was the first time I had been during the day and it was equally as amazing, we sat on the steps by the Holy water for an hour or so there is so much to watch there, people bathing in the water, people singing, people lining up to eat Langar, people waiting for hours in line to get into the actual temple in the middle, it is such a beautiful place to visit and it’s cool we live so close by! Heather & I both had trouble keeping our heads covered the scarf slips off all the time I wonder what the trick is!







On 17 March was Holi festival, we travelled to Jaskarans farm the day before so we could celebrate with him… In the morning we were sat outside drinking tea and Jaskaran and Happy attacked us all with yellow powder and we had so much fun throwing it at each other I was screaming the whole time and they kept lifting me up into the air!! Lots of kids in the village played all day with all different colours then we showered had more tea and that night went out for dinner







Jaskaran’s cousin Jagroop is getting married on the 1st April and so we spent an entire day with him driving around personally inviting relatives, taking a box of Barfi (sweets) to each relatives house in all different villages, at each house we had tea and sweets and pakoras, we left home at 11am and got home at 9pm and by the end had drank about 13 cups of tea!!!!!! Lots of the aunties & grannies chatted away to me in Punjabi thinking I could understand everything they were saying and Khanna (in yellow tshirt) would catch my eye and start giggling and made me laugh too, I said to him stop making me laugh I’m not making eye contact with you at the next house!!!! Hahaha







Each family we visited were so different, most of them on farms, some with only one or two kids and some houses that had at least 30 people living there, then some relatives in the city with kids who were doctors/engineers etc and spoke English which was easy for me at last!
It was a fun day and everyone was so nice, he is only having a small wedding and it took him 3 days to invite all the relatives driving around visiting each one I wondered how long it would take people who have huge weddings here!!!

When we came home to the city I was craving non spicy food after 5 days at the farm eating mega spicy food all day and night so we had pizza my favourite!!!


Happy’s brother came over yesterday and said he had decided to cut his hair after years and years of growing it and wearing a turban he said it was annoying him and too hot so Happy took him to his special hair dresser for the works!!haha
He now looks like a whole new person!!!!! He said he couldn’t believe how light his head feels!


Happy’s Dad then came over and didn’t even comment on the new hair do ! But he had a nap while I made him tea Haha