March 05

Now living in Amritsar!

I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks starting to get lazy and so much has happened I don’t even know where to start!!!

First of all we decided to move to Amritsar after we have spent a lot of time travelling back and forth and we have done and seen everything we wanted to do in Chandigarh. Happy wanted to be closer to his family and as much as they are a bit smothering some days I also wanted to be closer because we have so much fun with his cousins.

Jaskaran, his sister Palvi & husband (his name is also Happy) and Happy and I all drove to Chandigarh in Happys parents car to pick up our belongings, it was so much fun we stopped along the way for lunch and also went to the Khalsa Heritage Museum which was amazing it was so modern and had interactive displays telling the history of Sikhism, it was inside this amazing building

We then went to the Anandpur Sahib Gurdwara (Sikh temple) next door which was also amazing, huge, heaps of lights and people everywhere, we washed our hands and feet went inside, put 10 rupees in the box and touched our foreheads to the ground next to the holy book, you then sit nearby for a few minutes and say a prayer and then leave, on your way out you are given holy sweets to eat. I am not a religious person but I do pray when we are inside, it is such a peaceful place to be.

We bought some popcorn outside too they sell it everywhere !

We stopped again for tea and got to Chandigarh at about 9pm and got dinner & drinks and started packing! When we finally went to bed I didn’t feel tired and I asked if we could keep chatting they didn’t say anything, Jaskarans arm just swung over out of no where and his hand covered my mouth to make me be quiet then they all went to sleep hahahaha!


In the morning I asked happy what do we do about moving and what do we tell the owner he said “I told him we are leaving today that’s it we don’t need to do anything else” no leases here no paper work ! So off we went with the car packed to the brim!!!

We drove back to Amritsar and back to Jaskarans farm and then they unpacked the car and put all our stuff in one room … I said to happy when are we finding somewhere to live?? We are not staying here permanently!!!! Why are we unpacking the car!!!! He just said to me “calm down we will stay here until we find somewhere tomorrow!” …. Well as I have said before everything happens slowly here, and after his Dad helping us and other relatives all giving their input, a week later we finally moved!!!! They found a few places but I chose the smallest one (less cleaning) and also it was more central, and less chance of several families sleeping over if there’s no spare room hahaha!

A few people have asked me why I didn’t want to live at one of the family farms, and as much as I love his family, it’s purely just because it’s boring, there is nothing nearby less than 20 mins drive away no Deli’s in walking distance to buy chocolate, nothing! And after spending weeks drinking tea going for a walk, drinking tea, watching Didi cook then drinking more tea I was nearly going insane with boredom, I am definitely a city person.

So this is our new home, we live on the third floor there is one bedroom a kitchen and bathroom and large outdoor area/balcony, I love the balcony and watching everything happening in the street!!! The area is called Ranjit Avenue 20140304-222417.jpg20140304-222443.jpg20140304-222521.jpg20140304-222539.jpg
Happys brother Sonu and wife Pinky on the balcony.

Everyday a family member (usually Sonu when he is in the city picking up his daughter from school) arrives with the delivery of buffalo milk from their farm & sometimes some oranges or vegetables. His mum also made us ghee, makkan (pure buffalo milk butter), and home made yoghurt.





Sonu cleaning our fan – I was standing ready to catch him! Haha


We have always got visitors over, his little cousin Shubh goes to school in year 12 near our house and always drops in for tea or dinner, he came over at 830am the other day and we were still in bed and he was knocking and I opened the door and said we are in bed no tea yet!!! And he said no worries, took his shoes off and hopped into our bed until I was awake enough to make tea!!!


We go back to Jaskarans farm once a week to visit him because we always miss him even though we talk on the phone daily and Didi is always teaching me new things to cook and we go out and cut the veggies from the garden!!



One day I asked her daughter Palvi if one of my Punjabi suits was too loose, next minute Didi brings out the sewing machine to where we were sitting on the sun lounge and Palvi stripped it off me and started taking it in! It was done in seconds hahaha, check out the old school sewing machine they are everywhere here!!




We also recently went to another wedding, it was Palvi’s husbands relative and it was at Golden View Resort ( a big wedding venue) in Amritsar in the city.. There was possibly 500 people there eating drinking dancing and a DJ, waiters passed around food outside but there was also an indoor eating hall where you could have over 20 types of curry veg & non veg and desserts. I only saw the wedding couple for about 20 mins when they sat on the lounge having photos.








Before the wedding Palvi and I went to Shimla market and bought new earrings to wear and also got henna on our hands (it’s called Mendi here). It only cost $2 for both hands!





As much fun as the wedding was, I am not sure it is for me as I think I would prefer something smaller where you can actually interact with everyone there and have fun together so we have decided to have a smaller version , but not sure when!

One day Palvi took me to this Punjabi suit shop to see if I wanted to buy anything, we bought one suit each, you sit down on the couch and you tell them which colours you like and how sparkly (I said extremely sparkly) and then they bring out hundreds of different ones for you to look at, it was quite overwhelming because I am so indecisive at the best of times!!!


Happy & Shubh took the bike to get new number plates…it says Punjab above the plate number



That’s it for now it’s telling me my post is too long so I will save the rest for the Next one! X