February 14

Amritsar & back at Madu Chhanga

We spent a few days in Amritsar and went shopping at Trillium Mall which was huge probably twice the size of garden city! And it had big waterfalls that lit up, I bought a few tops, tissues and nail polish remover!

One night happy & his cousins and a few friends told me we were going to have a BBQ and drinks on the roof, they went off and bought a chicken and marinated it and I was thinking surely they don’t have a BBQ ??? Well they did, but not an Aussie one Haha a small box with coals and a wire rack, it was soooo yum!! We had a fun night listening to music drinking and cooking chicken & dancing.

The next day I woke up with the worst cold my face and sinuses were aching so we went to the doctor and got medication and after about 20 mins I was already feeling better- must have been strong!

We had aloo kulcha for lunch (naan stuffed with potato and served with chickpea curry)

One night I went with Palvi to the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) near their house as all the boys had been eating meat they would not be allowed to go inside and she didn’t want to go alone, the temple was so beautiful covered in flowers. 20140213-213309.jpg20140213-213324.jpg20140213-213347.jpg20140213-213359.jpg20140213-213334.jpg

We had dinner one night at Ekam Dhaba (there are Dhaba’s everywhere which is like a roadside Diner) . Happy’s cousins Jaskaran & Palvi and her husband Happy and a friend Gitta. We had dhal and naan as usual (they always order the same thing!) and chicken tikka which was yum because we don’t eat meat very often… When we went outside to the car park, Gitta got into a police car, I said to him ummmmmm what are you doing!!!!! Turns out he is a policeman, I had no idea!! He then blared his siren the entire way home driving in front of us through the traffic we were like VIPs haha! I was loosing it laughing!! When we got home he got out his gun and we all had photos with it – it wasn’t loaded hahaha





We travelled back with Jaskaran to his farm at Madu Chhanga and have been there all this week, one day they went to a wedding and I helped them get ready, I painted Didi’s nails and she used my perfume and my gold chain Happys mum gave me and we put Jaskaran in Happy’s clothes haha, Didi looked so nice in her green punjabi suit.


Happy and I had the house to ourselves that day so I washed all of our clothes, they have a washing machine but the water is not automatic you have to pour a bucket of water into it and then when it’s finished you put the pipe towards a drain and it pours out



I love waking up at the farm there is such a nice view from our window & balcony and as soon as Didi hears we might be awake in she comes with tea and biscuits for me! They told me she never buys biscuits only when I come to stay she must think I am addicted to them hahaha well I guess I am.



Everyday Jaskaran cuts the buffalo food from the farm and brings it into the shed where they mix it together with hay and use this machine to cut it into small pieces and then it is dried and kept in the shed



We went to Amritsar for the day to meet Happys dad and change the rego on the motorbike and I saw this cow outside a phone credit shop ! Wonder if he was deciding on which plan to buy!


On the way home I stocked up on biscuits and chocolate because there are barley any shops near the farm! We had burgers as well which were so yum they had a potato pattie, cheese salad noodles , you name it it was in there.

Didi took me to Fatehgarh Churian (closest town) to drop off my suits to get made that Happys mum had given me and also we dropped off a shawl to get died to match my suit and bought some lining for them as well.



I wanted to get my hair cut and dyed too so we went to her regular hair dresser and when we walked in they all asked her in Punjabi what are you doing here with a white girl and were laughing and Didi looked at me knowing I understood then just burst into tears of laughter hahahahhahaa

While they were doing my hair there were a few ladies that came in and had threading done and all commented on me and how white my skin was and most of them touched my hair and said silky silky … Awkward!! I also listened to Didi telling the hair dresser all about me and where I fit into the family and basically my whole life history !! Reminded me of my own Mum!!!

They washed the dye out with cold water I nearly had a heart attack because I was already freezing !!! Didi told them off and told them they had to use a hair dryer as well.

That night we had our usual hot milk before bed (and one biscuit for me) … And by the way all tea and hot milk is buffalo milk


Then I woke up at 4am vomiting !!!!! Must have been the dodgy burger!!! I went to the toilet twice then vomited more and more, the entire family woke up and were in our room and then at 7am Jaskaran took off on the bike to pick up the doctor, he said I had a fever and gave me some medication for vomiting etc and also more medication for my cold…
I slept for a while longer then layed out in the sun and their servant suddenly jumped onto the sun bed and started giving me a massage ahhahahhaa



Happy was so good at looking after me washing out the vomit buckets and helping me up and down the stairs because I had no energy and getting my medication ready etc. Didi was on a mission to make me better and kept making me special teas that had different herbs in it for your stomach they also made me suck on slices of lemon ?? Lol that night while we were all eating dinner I had two mouth fulls and vomited it all back out projectile right next to everyone eating so EMBARASSING! But they kept eating

Yesterday I was feeling a bit better but still not really eating, Didi said to me come outside we will sleep on the sun beds, I didn’t realise she meant we would both sleep on the same one HAHAHHAA


I am feeling a lot better now and the sickness has passed thank god!!!!

Every night after dinner we lay in bed all together (Happy, Jaskaran & I) and chat, listen to music and look at photos, it’s fun I will really miss him when we go back to Chandigarh in a few days. Last night it was cold and happy said everyone hug and Steph take a Photo hahahha


One night Happy said to me Steph are you holding my hand? And I said “yes why?” And he goes “that’s not mine”. Oh woops it’s Jaskaran’s hand!!!! hahahhahahaha I had no idea and he was asleep and didn’t know either ! It was so funny I absolutely lost it laughing.

As much fun as it is some days are hard, bucket showers suck when your not feeling well, I’ve also weened myself off using toilet paper and I use the jet thing now it’s just too hard carrying toilet paper at all times when absolutely no houses have it !!! Also I still have no idea where they put rubbish!! after feeling sick I am dying to eat some food that is not spicy, I have been living on grapes apples and tea the past few days…. The other annoying thing is how slow everything is here, if we are going anywhere we never leave before lunchtime and when someone says they are coming over to visit they never arrive until about 6 hours later, no one is ever in a hurry here I have had to learn to be more patient

My punjabi is getting better everyday I have learnt so much more and can understand mostly everything they say to me and they also use words they know I understand which is good.

That’s it for now!! Chenga! (Bye) x