February 08

Happy’s birthday

On Sat 1st Feb we left Chandigarh on the bike and travelled to Madu Chhanga again as we were having a party for Happys Birthday there on the 3rd.
It was such a long way by bike and FREEZING we stopped a few times along the way to drink tea which helped and had lunch in Jallandhar, I had my face and head wrapped in a shawl under my helmet!





When we finally arrived Didi and Jaskaran were waiting at the gate with big grins on their faces as usual and had a feast & tea waiting for us inside!


I also assisted in milking the buffalos that night – I carried the bucket!! Haha




The next day when we got up Jaskaran said to me you are in charge of making tea today!!! I said where’s your mum??? He said they have gone to visit relatives so if we have visitors your doing tea & lunch, him & Happy then erupted into laughter at me FREAKING out hoping we didn’t have visitors!!!!! I made us tea for breakfast then some of Jaskarans friends came over I made tea again and again and again ended up doing it about 8 times!!!! I also went to get us all lunch and was so happy to find Didi had made it easy for me and left everything ready made and all I had to do was heat it up!!

By the time Didi got home I felt like I had done a full days work and could now possibly make tea with my eyes closed haha

Happy’s little brother Saaba and cousin Shubh came over to visit and over here when you visit a relative you always sleep over that night! Happy & Jaskaran went and got whiskey and we all sat in bed upstairs drinking (hiding it from Didi) even though I am sure she knew! We had so much fun ended up dancing around the bedroom for hours !!! We all then slept in the one room all 5 of us!! This is completely normal here and it’s actually fun everyone chatting all night. Like a high school sleep over!







I asked Happy if Saaba (in black turban – he is 20) had been drunk before, he said “no not really” no wonder he kept laying down!!! He is so nice always has a big grin on his face and is quiet like Happy but laughs so loud at the smallest things!!!

We went for a ride to around the farm and as usual they made me take loads of photos of them posing!!!




Didi made us Aloo Parathas with yoghurt for lunch soooo yum !! Yes she cooked them outside!!! I asked why and she just said she felt like using the electricity instead of gas! Random ! The cord wasn’t even plugged into the wall the wires were just split at the end and joined onto another line!


Saaba went home because he had to go to a wedding but Shubh stayed for Happys Birthday party that night. I found it strange that happys family didn’t even call him on his birthday (they were all at a wedding and didn’t come for the party) but he just said to me we don’t usually celebrate birthdays it’s nothing to them mum doesn’t even know what day she was born !!!! “Village people thinking” as they all say to me!

Jaskarans sister Palvi and her husband arrived and we went off to the shops and they got a cake a balloons decorations candles and then we went home and the boys made a fire on the roof complete with a disco light and loud music and we put up all the decorations then lots of his cousins and friends came and the party began!! They had also bought chicken (special occasion!) so Didi made chicken curry.







When dinner & drinks was finished we had the cake and I sang happy birthday – I did a solo because firstly I was drunk and secondly they didn’t know the words then I got a round of applause!! Lol
We then all cut the cake together which was a bit odd! And then it’s tradition to give each other a piece of cake and have a photo (holding the piece to the other persons mouth like you are feeding them) then they always go nuts covering each other’s face in the cake!!! I was screaming my head off trying to escape!!! So much fun!








The night of the party I had lost my gold chain and pendant that Happys mum had given me, about 15 people searched the entire house high and low for it and it was no where to be found! Then I found it in my bra, EMBARASSING! But Didi said the next day we had to go to the Gurdwara (temple) to pay some money to God because she had prayed for it to come back and it did. So off we went we walked to the local Gurdwara together, when you go in you have to wash your hands and feet (and we all had to shower at home first before going) once we were inside we had to kneel down at different sacred places inside the temple and touch your forehead to the floor, there was a man inside reading from their Holy book and another man singing religious songs. We sat against the wall for 5 mins in silence and Happy told me to pray for something, then a man came around and dropped a hand full of sweets into our hands, which we ate on our walk home.


The next day we were off to visit Happy’s parents, his mum had been in hospital not well and at the house we had to call a doctor to come because her blood pressure was too high. I felt so sorry for her. Happy and his dad and brother were all in the same room as her (she was in bed) chatting away and laughing soooooo loud!!! I said to him go out let her rest and he said no she likes having us all here and this is normal it happens all the time it’s not a big deal. She then asked me to get into the bed too ! Awkward! Haha


Suddenly she pulls out a shopping bag from god knows where and gives me two new traditional suits! One is pink and one is purple and cream. They were so nice and sparkly!!
We all then had dinner, and watched tv.





Happy’s Dad has got to be the funniest person I have met here. He looks serious and traditional but he is hilarious and talks sooooo loud and is constantly cracking up laughing and everytime they tried to take a photo he was saying funny words to me and I was loosing it!!! He then went all through my phone looking at all the photos of my family again – they love looking at photos and kept saying that I have a lovely family. Then his Dad said to me “you have family here too you are my daughter she is your mummy I am your daddy!!” Haha

The next morning we drank more tea,….and Happys dad kept slipping money into my hand when no one was around!!!! I said to him noooo!! And he just laughed!



His dad then dropped us off in the city to another relatives house so we can go shopping etc and when we left his mum said to me “I love you and miss you and keep your heart happy always” they are always so nice and caring.