January 26

My Punjabi suits

Everyone has been requesting photos of me in the traditional “Punjabi suit” that Happy’s mum gave me.. Also known as Salwar Kameez. (Salwar is the pants and Kameez is the top)

They range in prices depending on the quality and detail, in most shops and markets when you buy them it’s packaged with the scarf (called chuni or dupatta) and you have to take it all to a tailor where they take all your measurements and stitch it for you.

The traditional shoes are called Punjabi Jutti and you can buy all different types everywhere in the shops here, I became addicted to buying them!!! all because they are so sparkly and I LOVE bling as we all know. There is no left or right foot you can wear them on either!! (You wouldn’t want to walk a marathon in them they are for image not comfort haha)


These are all my pairs of Punjabi Jutti, Love bling shoes !!




20140325-201410.jpg 20140325-201445.jpg

20140325-201526.jpg 20140325-201536.jpg


20140525-214318.jpg 20140408-120745.jpgsteph daddy