January 17

Visitors and our new bike

Happy’s Dad bought him a motorbike – Royal Enfield Bullet and his brother Sonu called to say him and Happy’s cousin were coming to drop it off to us. So we went off to the market to get a blanket for them so they could sleep over.
I forgot what we were there for and ended up finding this shop that had nice bangles!


While we were in the shop 3 boys in their 20s came in and asked about getting their ears pierced, the man simply said “yes” reached under the counter pulled out a few sterile earrings and reached over and slammed them into their ears BY HAND no piercing gun! They were as shocked as I was when they touched their ears to find it was already in!!! I turned around to Happy and said I am possibly going to faint!!!! Brutal!

We bought a thick blanket and had aloo tikki for lunch





And I got some more sparkly shoes!


We set everything up (the spare bed) ready for them to arrive and then went out and got some food – fish amritsari, chicken karahi, naan, chips, blenders pride whiskey and coke etc and then we came home and I made egg bhurji… They arrived at 9pm on the new bike it was so exciting having visitors over!! And the bike is sooo nice!

They were freezing when they arrived and got straight into bed to defrost lol!


We had so much fun drinking & chatting until 3am!! Jaskaran couldn’t speak much English but happy translated for me.. Sonu spoke to me a lot in mixed English/punjabi but I could understand everything, he is so nice I think one of the nicest men I have ever met! He was saying to me my family miss you so much and you are full family member now! And his mum sent me a bag of this sweet stuff I think it’s made from sugar dried fruit and nuts, Sonu said she asked around about my operation and made it for me because it’s good for your stomach. (Sonu in orange turban, Jaskaran in blue tshirt)






At the end of the night I made us all chai tea then we went to bed!
When I woke up in the morning I heard chatting and realised everyone was in our bed!! LOL! So funny !!! Snuggling up in bed together is so normal to them! Guys in aus would never do that, but when you see them chatting and laughing together you see they genuinely really love each other it’s cute!


They all showered and took the bike for a test drive and when they got back I was STILL bucket showering lol and Sonu said to me “very hard for you with long hair sorry bhabi!” (Bhabi means sister in law) and they all laughed!! It’s definitely a daily challenge but I am getting used to it now. When happy was showering Sonu asked me all about Dad and why he passed away etc, he is quite a deep person likes to know details but is very caring and understanding I could sit chatting to him all day, the only problem is the limited language barrier.

We all went to the nek chand rock garden together and it was nice because the waterfalls were all flowing this time and Sonu & Jaskaran had never been there before.



We had Aloo Tikki for lunch and the three of them said theirs tasted funny, but mine was fine.. Later on happy was vomiting all night and we think it was from that? Don’t think we will be having it again for a while!

We took the bike to a shop to get new rims put on the tyres..



I was so happy when they said they would stay the night again and we went and got more drinks and food and chatted all night at home and watched movies. Sonu said when I come to the farm next he will show me his wedding video and “snaps” they always call photos snaps lol! Also they both looked through my entire photo album on my phone they love looking at photos and especially my families photos and asking me all about them.

They decided they would get the bus back to Amritsar at 5am so we woke up at 3am and I made them chai tea then happy dropped them off to the bus stop. When he got back I said to Happy it’s weird how even though we have only just all met each other we all get along so well and whenever we have to say goodbye I miss them!

Happy & I then went to Pizza Hut for late lunch and went to the movies (gold class) $10! To see Doom 3 which was not in English, which meant I fell asleep about 7 times! It was a good movie tho – with lots of random dancing and singing in the middle of serious scenes haha!
It started at 6pm and went until 9pm !! Longest movie ever plus had an intermission half way!


On the way home we asked the rickshaw driver if there would be any shops open to buy motorbike helmets, he said no but his friend has a shop which is closed and might have stock at home, next minute we are at some random persons house trying on motor bike helmets I said to happy is this normal/safe and he said yeah don’t worry they are ok, we bought the helmets $6 each and off we went home again in the rickshaw !

That’s it for now.

PS – Still haven’t seen ONE white person since I arrived!