January 14

Chandigarh Terrace garden … and showering!

This morning we woke up and I made breakfast and I said to happy I am just going to have a shower then we can go out. He said to me let me just check the shower! I thought that was odd but he came back giggling and said to me “don’t freak out but even though it’s a brand new house they’ve put a traditional shower in the bathroom”. A WHAT !?!!?!

We went into the bathroom to find 3 taps half way down the wall and a bucket! I didn’t even notice earlier but I guess I had just assumed there would be a shower!

Happy told me punjabi people love showering like that and it’s normal and he grew up showering that way! I said to him I actually have no idea how I am supposed to wash my hair under that or even wash I don’t get it!?!


Anyway there was no other option! He had to help me shower! He filled up the bucket with warm water and then used a small jug to pour water over me then I washed my hair and he had to pour several jugs over trying to wash the shampoo out, it was such a mission that we both ended up bursting into laughter!! I cannot believe he thinks it’s normal in 6 degrees to shower that way hahahaha!!!

I said to him never in my life did I imagine myself to be squatting in a bathroom trying to wash while you randomly poured water over me pretending to be a shower!!!!
Anyway he said tomorrow I’m on my own and have to try and learn to do it myself

Later on I heard him outside talking to the owner about the shower and they were both laughing and the owner said he would install a shower for me! Yay !!!!

There are so many beautiful gardens here today we went to the terrace garden it was freezing we could barely speak to each other we were so cold!! But the flowers were so beautiful!!!









After that we came back out to find our local rickshaw driver had waited there for us and was napping on the back seat! So in we got and off we went again, we went to a few motorbike shops in search for the bike happy wants to get – Royal Enfield Bullet. Unfortunately he has picked the one bike no shops have in stock until March and all the ones advertised online are sold so quickly! His entire family is now in a search for this bike in every city in Punjab trying to find him one so we can get around easier!

We went out for dinner then walked around the shops I bought some gloves and home again for tea and Gachak!