January 12

Moving in & setting up!

Today we moved into our small unit/room which is above a brand new house, we enter from the driveway and there is a small (scary) staircase up to our room at the back and we have our own attached kitchen & bathroom, and small balcony. The family that live in the house are nice, I think they are rich they have a BMW. It is fully furnished with bed cupboard chairs tv fridge and gas for the stove.





A taxi brought us here with all our stuff and we lugged it up the stairs which was a mission in itself! We then went to the shops to get food, second mission! Grocery shops that have everything are few and far between! We finally found one and bought veggies and flour and milk etc and other random bits & pieces we needed (biscuits for me) haha . At the checkout I said to happy ummmm where r the shopping bags!!! And he said oh ….. Not supplied! He then searched around the shop and found an empty hessian bag and asked if we could have it and we loaded everything in!




We then got a rikshaw with our sack of food and mega bag of flour (to make parathas) and asked him to take us to a “pot shop” … We pulled up at some random kitchen shop and bought all the rest of the kitchen stuff we needed (cutlery, plates, cups, pot, knife etc) everything was mega cheap only about $30 for 3 massive bags of stuff…


Also saw this random man making pillows with the oldest sewing machine ever hahaha!!!

Then again carted it all into the rikshaw home again and up the stairs!


We unpacked everything and happy made dinner and tea! Yummm!!




It’s so nice having our own place and no longer living out of a suit case!!!! The whole food shopping issue of getting there getting your stuff and getting back again is a bit of a hassle but just something we will get used to I guess! Also having an issue in not being able to find a shop that sells toilet paper!!! Have reverted to using kitchen towel for the time being hahahha!! Fingers crossed I find some tonight as I keep searching the streets !!!!! Tonight we are going out in search of a heater as I am freezing!