January 11

Finding somewhere to live

We have spent a few days looking for places to live from recommendations etc but it was all becoming quite time consuming I ended up finding a real estate company on google and we called them and the man said yeah come over to my house and I will help! We thought it was a bit odd but got a rikshaw to where he lived and he had a small office in the front of his house which had a desk computer then a room full of lounge chairs!? They gave us coffee & biscuits and chatted for half an hour about what we are looking for – so different to how it’s done in Perth!!


The man and his brother then drove us around in their car showing us units and also showing us what shops etc was nearby to them and all the pros and cons!!! I kept saying to them any more options??? After a few they both just burst out laughing and said to happy “your wife is very fussy!!!” How EMBARASSING !
Then happy said to them we will just discuss and come back so we walked off down the road and happy said ok your being EMBARASSING they are driving us around and they’ve all been nice and you need to decide on one! So I decided on the first one we went to! Hahaha
Then they took us back to their office and we signed some forms, all that service and the rent is only $180 PER MONTH! Unbelievable!

They then asked us where we would like to be dropped off and said they would pick us up in the morning to help us move in!!

We went to this market they dropped us off at to buy some house stuff (tea strainer, pillowslips, hangers, mugs, towels and some containers were purchased all for a total of $8)






The pillowslips and bath mat are a bit horror but they were the best of a bad bunch!!!

For dinner we had aloo tikki at the market but then happy was still hungry so we had bread pakoras (bread with mashed potato in the middle fried in a spicey batter) and also potato samosas and chai tea.


I also got us some sweets for dessert !!


Happy’s family call daily to check we are OK and if the unit we got is in a safe area and have said they are coming in a few days to check and bring us blankets and house stuff lol! They are so nice.

Excited to move tomorrow and finally unpack my clothes! But I will miss the chai tea service at the hotel we have been staying at, as soon as we get back from anywhere they come and ask if I want another one and I’ve never said no! Haha