January 10


We are now in Chandigarh! Happy’s brother Sonu and cousin Shubh drove us here and it took about 4 hours and we stopped along the way and bought amritsari fish (fried in spicy batter) and ate it the whole way, drinking whiskey and coke and listening to punjabi music!


Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab and we are going to stay based here for a while and travel back and forth to other places. We have being staying in a hotel ($20 a night) and are going to look for an apartment tomorrow. Food is so cheap most meals don’t cost us more than a few dollars!!

We went to the Nek Chand rock garden which is meant to be quite famous but it was quite old and a bit boring haha and had some wierd statues and things, entire garden is made from second hand materials. Happy couldn’t believe how many awkward couples were there walking around probably on dates before their arranged marriages! Hahaha


We also went to Sukhna lake which looked nice and had paddle boats but I was freezing and didn’t want to risk getting wet !! We will go back another day… 20140110-191732.jpg

For lunch we had aloo tiki on the street fried potato balls with yoghurt and sauce on top with white radish slices on top and chickpea salad sooo yum and only 50c each! 20140110-191906.jpg20140110-191915.jpg20140110-191932.jpg

We went to a shopping mall that was MASSIVE I couldn’t believe the shops it had, basically every brand you could think of and all English shops too – marks & spencer, next, Zara, bebe, polo, even forever new! And so many levels!! 20140110-192147.jpg20140110-192156.jpg

We also went to the rose garden which was huge and so many couples there again out on dates !! LOL 20140110-192312.jpg20140110-192354.jpg

Near where we are staying there are so many people selling food along the street everything from nuts to tea aloo parathas and gulab jamun (hot dessert sweet in syrup) I took a pic of him and asked happy if he noticed and he said well yes you were quite close and In the photo he is looking directly at the camera hahahaha woops!!! 20140110-192611.jpg

There are a lot of beggars in the street always asking for money mostly kids and mothers with babies.

I am also getting used to just being blatantly stared at everywhere we go even in restaurants the waiter will just stare. Sometimes I look straight at them and frown but doesn’t put them off hahaha I have got used to it now and just don’t make eye contact, they’ve clearly never seen a white person before!!!!

We travel everywhere on rikshaw which is fun and cheap it’s really nice here lots to do and see! 20140110-193015.jpg

Also when we were having dinner in a restaurant the lights went off! No one even flinched! EXCEPT ME! I said to happy ummmm lights would be good??? He goes oh yeah they go out sometimes! We sat in the dark for about 15 mins eating dinner then suddenly they came back on again everyone acted like nothing had happened hahahaha

My favourite thing everyday is drinking chai tea it’s Soo yum and warms you up in this cold weather!! There are also sweet shops everywhere, most sweets are condensed milk based so very sweet but nice. We both like Gachak which is like peanut brittle but has some spices and other things in it..