January 07

The family house & The Golden Temple

Meeting the parents was scary!! I was so nervous and when we got to the farm I think my hands were shaking plus I was freezing!! They were so nice and I said all the correct greetings etc thank god! We sat inside and drank tea and they chatted and I undestood a bit and tried to respond when I could. His mum hugged me and the dad was so nice and just laughed when I said sorry bad punjabi. Haha I took the some family photos which they liked and asked if they could keep them! Their house is huge, it has a bit 8 foot wall around it and huge gate but I couldn’t really work out how many rooms/ houses it was in total the buildings were all scattered back but joined together..

Another night we went to their house and they had a dinner to welcome me into the family and Happys mum gave me gifts (a shawl, a traditional beaded shawl over my head, a punjabi suit, necklace, bangles and money) happy took photos while they put it all on me and we were all in fits of giggles!! The dinner was so yum we had chicken curry rice and yoghurt and then chai tea after. His dad laughed when his mum asked me “cha pini?” And I said hanji! (Yes) he was shocked I understood. But As everyone knows i would drink chai tea all night and day if I could haha. Happy’s brother Sonu is so nice and is always trying to test out his English on me and his wife Pinky is lovely too and we all had a few laughs together. Happys dad was funny sometimes if he was missing I would look over to see he had got back into bed again! Then an hour later up again sat with us chatting hahahaa . They generally go to bed at about 8pm as they get up at 4am to work on the farm but the night before we were going to Chandigarh we were at their house talking until 1am!! At one stage I went to go to the bathroom which was outside and the dog went NUTS at me I started screaming and running like my head was on fire happy grabbed his chain and pulled him back but the whole family just burst out laughing. Thank god I didn’t yell out RABBIES or anything hahaha I am a bit paranoid around dogs here!!!!






Happy and I went on to the Golden temple afterwards one night and it was the most amazing place I have ever been to, the entire place was lit up and there was so many people chanting and it was such a beautiful building. There are all different sacred places all around the outside as you do the circle walk, it was really interesting. We had to cover our heads and wash our hands and feet on the way in and leave our shoes in a locker, it was about 4 degrees and the entire place has marble floors but after 20 minutes of freezing I just couldn’t even feel my feet anymore!!! I also saw someone having a bath in the holy water surrounding the golden temple all you could see was a turban floating above the water in the dark!





We had to park the car quite far away so we travelled to and from the car park by bicycle rikshaw which was fun!!!


There is also a temple near his parents house where they go everyday and it is also lit up at night and looks amazing !!!