January 06

First days in Amritsar!

***Sorry I had to repost this again because I deleted it by accident!!***

I met Happy’s elder brother Sonu and wife Pinky and daughter Japnoor who is soooo cute! They were such nice welcoming and friendly people, we couldn’t talk much because of my limited Punjabi but that didn’t seem to bother them. Sonu gave me a special envelope of money and Pinky gave me a beautiful ring and lots of hugs!



Happy took me for a drive all around Amritsar and we saw some funny things along the way!!! It’s freezing here about 6 degrees and there is a mixture of people driving expensive cars Mercedes etc combined with tractors pulling into the road, horses pulling carts etc


Giant hay stack being pulled along!! No road rules and no speed limits! Not even any child car seats, kids just sit on laps.

Then saw a heap of people travelling to a wedding by tractor


Happy then pulled over by a bush and said he needed his clothes ironed! I was thinking what the hell are we buying an iron here ?? No there was two guys with a table set up and irons filled with hot coals, he paid them 5 rupees (basically 2 cents) they did it in seconds !

His mums cooking is delicious!!! Aloo Mattar (potato & peas) and paratha’s…


And we have been drinking a whole lot of chai tea which I am addicted to!!! We also went to this shopping centre where the whole car got security checked on the way in twice then we got body searched entering the building! You wouldn’t want to be trying to quickly go there to get something haha! I found it hard to find many women’s clothes as 80% of shops were men’s only as all the women wear punjabi suits I think…

He took me to this place where we pulled into a car park and there was a shop front with 20 men running to and from cars and back to the shop, then they came to our window and happy ordered and I was thinking …. Am I going to get sick ! Haha. Anyway turned out to be the yummest thing I have ever eaten in my life!!!! “Bun tikki” which was a bun with a spicey fried potatoe patties inside and sauce you dip it in… You eat it in the car then they collect the plates again! Then I converted again and for two burgers and one drink – 80 cents!! Amazing!