February 25

Fun in Jhanjoti

Nearly a year later I finally plan to finish this post and publish it! Life has been hectic and I hope to get back into blogging this year! So this post was from March 2015 when I went back to Punajb as Happy was having visa issues and I hadn’t seen him for 5 months, […]

November 09


When we got back from our amazing honeymoon,  Jaskaran was calling and calling “come to my farm I am having a birthday party for Steph!!!”, we had to go to Happy’s parents house first for a night to see his mumy and then we went on to Jaskarans house the next day, his mum why saying why are you […]

November 04

Our Honeymoon

The few days after the wedding was a mad rush trying to show my family around as many places in Amritsar as we could as well as relatives constantly calling wanting my family to eat at their houses! I had promised Jaskaran we would come to his farm so we did that one day and went […]

October 24

Our Wedding – 21 Sep 2014

The day started with alarms going off at 5am!! Kath quickly ordered us some toast we scoffed it down grabbed our stuff together and Sonu (Happy’s eldest brother) called at 5.15am to say he was outside the hotel to pick us up! I was SO TIRED already only 3-4 hours sleep, but Sonu told me […]

October 11

The lead up to our Wedding

Finally got together the time & strength to write about what was an extremely stressful time – our big fat punjabi wedding!!! I will do it over two posts as it has taken me days to write this one alone! I arrived back in Amritsar after a very long uncomfortable flight after having only just […]

August 29

Finally departing Perth!

After planning to return to Amritsar on 10th August, then changing it to the 17th August, then to the 22nd, all due to checking Amritsar weather and seeing it was STILL in the 40s and not being able to mentally bare that heat again with the power cuts & bad cooling systems, also I had a few chat’s to […]

August 08

Perth shenanigans

Whilst hating summer in Punjab I realised I would be missing a few events in Perth over winter and was not too happy about it! Happy and his Dad said if you want to go back for a while then go you are not stuck here!!  I thought yes why not! I called Natasha and […]

May 26

Bits & Bobs

Normal day to day life going on here… Summer is SO HOT I do not know how I have even survived the last 6 weeks without aircon, or how Happy has put up with my constant daily complaints since summer began, I don’t know how he does it, in one ear out the other I […]

May 05


Summer has begun in Amritsar and it is HELL ON EARTH! It has been 42 daily for the past 3 weeks and to make it worse we spent a few days at the farm which included heat, flies, Mosquitos, thick dust from wheat being cut and that’s about it! I actually was going insane and […]

April 16

Delhi & Agra

Most of Happy’s family have never been to Taj Mahal or even out of the state! So talking them into going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal was a 3 month mission for me!! Jaskaran kept saying to me “why do you want to go there? my house is a Taj Mahal!”, it’s a […]

April 08

Jagroop’s Wedding

Parts of this post were missing when I originally published it so I have done it again. Last week we spent the week in Madu Chhanga attending Jagroop’s village wedding, it was SO MUCH FUN and went for 3 – 4 days.. Jagroop is Jaskarans cousin (their Dad’s are brothers) all three brothers of his […]

March 21

Holi Festival & The Golden Temple

Leading up to Holi festival the streets have been filled with kids throwing water bombs at each other and kids on all the rooves flying kites. We went to the Golden Temple with Amarjit & Heather who had come to Amritsar for the day and it was sooooo busy packed with people everywhere!!!  It was […]

March 17

Site seeing in Amritsar & a few parties!

We have been to quite a few places around Amritsar in the last week or so, the best by far was the India & Pakistan border closing ceremony (Wagah Border). It was so entertaining I loved it!!! Men & Women had to sit in separate areas so I was so glad we went with his […]

March 05

Now living in Amritsar!

I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks starting to get lazy and so much has happened I don’t even know where to start!!! First of all we decided to move to Amritsar after we have spent a lot of time travelling back and forth and we have done and seen everything we wanted to do in […]

February 14

Amritsar & back at Madu Chhanga

We spent a few days in Amritsar and went shopping at Trillium Mall which was huge probably twice the size of garden city! And it had big waterfalls that lit up, I bought a few tops, tissues and nail polish remover! One night happy & his cousins and a few friends told me we were […]

February 08

Happy’s birthday

On Sat 1st Feb we left Chandigarh on the bike and travelled to Madu Chhanga again as we were having a party for Happys Birthday there on the 3rd. It was such a long way by bike and FREEZING we stopped a few times along the way to drink tea which helped and had lunch […]

February 01

A Punjabi wedding

Today we went a Punjabi wedding about 40 minutes away from Chandigarh at a wedding palace (it has an indoor area for food and all the marquees are set up outdoors). The bride was the sister of Jass Bains – Happy’s friend from Perth, and there were some other friends from Perth there too and […]

January 30

Daily life & food

This week I decided I would dye my hair at home!!! What a challenge!! Happy had to help me wash the dye out with a bucket and jug and it took us an hour!!!! I am becoming a pro at the bucket&jug shower these days and it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. We also […]

January 26

My Punjabi suits

Everyone has been requesting photos of me in the traditional “Punjabi suit” that Happy’s mum gave me.. Also known as Salwar Kameez. (Salwar is the pants and Kameez is the top) They range in prices depending on the quality and detail, in most shops and markets when you buy them it’s packaged with the scarf […]

January 25

Madu Chhanga

Last Sunday we called Happy’s cousin & best friend Jaskaran at about 10pm to ask him if he wanted to come with us to Taj Mahal and he said “why are you going there you haven’t even brought Steph to my farm yet!!!” Next thing I know we are packing our bags at midnight and […]

January 17

Visitors and our new bike

Happy’s Dad bought him a motorbike – Royal Enfield Bullet and his brother Sonu called to say him and Happy’s cousin were coming to drop it off to us. So we went off to the market to get a blanket for them so they could sleep over. I forgot what we were there for and […]

January 14

Chandigarh Terrace garden … and showering!

This morning we woke up and I made breakfast and I said to happy I am just going to have a shower then we can go out. He said to me let me just check the shower! I thought that was odd but he came back giggling and said to me “don’t freak out but […]

January 12

Moving in & setting up!

Today we moved into our small unit/room which is above a brand new house, we enter from the driveway and there is a small (scary) staircase up to our room at the back and we have our own attached kitchen & bathroom, and small balcony. The family that live in the house are nice, I […]

January 11

Finding somewhere to live

We have spent a few days looking for places to live from recommendations etc but it was all becoming quite time consuming I ended up finding a real estate company on google and we called them and the man said yeah come over to my house and I will help! We thought it was a […]

January 10


We are now in Chandigarh! Happy’s brother Sonu and cousin Shubh drove us here and it took about 4 hours and we stopped along the way and bought amritsari fish (fried in spicy batter) and ate it the whole way, drinking whiskey and coke and listening to punjabi music! Chandigarh is the capital city of […]